Dan Bilzerian Sleeping With A Weapon Is The Least Surprising News Ever

David Hookstead | Reporter

Instagram playboy and notorious gambler keeps a weapon right next to his bed.

Bilzerian recently did an interview with Graham Bensinger and gave a tour of his massive house. In one of the least surprising developments ever, the wealthy superstar sleeps with an AR-15 platform pistol right next to him.


I’m not sure there’s anything about Dan Bilzerian’s life that would surprise me, but I would be honestly surprised if he didn’t sleep with a weapon. He’s rich, in the public eye, and has a lot of critics. That’s a recipe for somebody potentially taking a run at your life or your property.

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If I was Bilzerian’s security advisor, the first thing I’d tell him would be that he’d be an idiot to not keep a weapon near him at all times. It’s just day one stuff and pure common sense.

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