Our Gambling Picks Bounced Back This Week — Don’t Spend It All At Once

David Hookstead | Reporter

I hope everybody doesn’t blow their winnings from this weekend after we went 3-2 Saturday.

For those who don’t remember, here were my five picks for this weekend of college football:

Alabama (-18.5) vs. Vanderbilt

 TCU vs. Oklahoma State (-11)

Michigan (-10) vs. Purdue

Penn State (-12.5) vs. Iowa

Texas A&M (+2.5) vs. Arkansas

We hit on Texas A&M, Michigan and Alabama. So if you took all five of my picks, which you all should be doing every week, you’d be up a game. Is it going undefeated? No, but it’s still winning. We’re now sitting at 9-11 for the season. Hopefully we’ll break the .500 mark by this time next Sunday.

There was lots of chatter after our disastrous 1-4 weekend last Saturday that I’d lost my touch. I told people to calm down, and that we’d bounce back quickly.

Well, I hate to say I was right, but we’re sitting here Sunday morning shaking off our hangovers as we celebrate our winnings. Don’t ever doubt my picks again. By the time this season is over we’ll all have so much money that we’ll be gambling for private jets and yachts.

Stay tuned for our picks this week.

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