The Detroit Lions Got Hosed In Spectacular Fashion By The NFL

David Hookstead | Contributor

The Detroit Lions got absolutely shafted by the NFL rules and officiating Sunday afternoon against the Atlanta Falcons.

Apparently, a booth review overturning a call in the final two minutes of the game results in a ten second run off if the play is switched to a running clock situation.

The Lions game winning touchdown was overturned upon the booth review, and the game ended with eight seconds to go.

The NFL has plenty of stupid rules, but I think we’ve officially found the dumbest. The announcer made the comment this was the first time this rule has ever been used, and it should be the last.

How can a team be punished because a play went to booth review? The team didn’t call for a review, and yet, they’re somehow responsible for what the NFL officials do in the replay booth? Having a ten second runoff for injuries or penalties makes sense. How the hell does it make sense for there to be a runoff due to a review?

The entire Detroit Lions team should take a knee next week to protest the NFL’s dumb rules. That’s a movement I will absolutely get behind.

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David Hookstead



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