It’s So Hard To Be A Baker Mayfield Fan

David Hookstead | Reporter

I think I’m officially out on being a Baker Mayfield fan, even though I desperately wanted to like him.

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise because I’m on the record as not really liking the Oklahoma Sooners gunslinger. However, I was slowly coming around to the guy after he planted the flag on Ohio State’s field and came out as a Taylor Swift fan.

My conversion into a Baker Mayfield fan is officially over, and I’ve reverted back to not liking this guy. My opinion has absolutely nothing to do with his performance on the field. The guy is a stud quarterback, and a cold-blooded assassin with a football.

It’s all the chatter that goes on when he’s not running plays, something I can’t stand. He trash talked Baylor before the game and said something along the lines of how he was going to spank them because they forgot “who daddy was.”

It’s fine to get into a little trash talk, but not when you end up almost losing to Baylor, a program that resembles a bad high school team at this point.

If you’re going to drop that type of talk before a game, I’d suggest going out there and winning by a hundred. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut.

Watching Mayfield play will always be fun, but this kid needs to get some stuff figured out before he gives the NFL a shot.

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