Maryland Woman Crushing A Beer With Her Head Is An American Legend

David Hookstead | Reporter

An unidentified University of Maryland woman became an American legend over the weekend after using her head to crush a beer can.

The woman caught a beer, crushed it against her forehead, downed it in one gulp and didn’t hesitate for a single second during what appeared to be a Maryland football pregame.

The bro at the end can’t even believe his eyes and tbh we can’t either @barstoolumd (via @totalfratmove)

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I don’t label people legends without a lot of thought being put in. It’s not a word I just like throwing around, but I have zero problems pinning such a title on this unidentified woman.

She had great form, didn’t slow down for any reason and crushed that beer so quickly the room was shocked. It has all the makings of a legend. I like to believe I can hold my ground against anybody when it comes to cracking a cold one. I think this woman could probably drink me under the table. Props to me for being man enough to admit when a woman can outdrink me.

I also enjoy the fact nobody on the internet has been able to identify this woman yet. She’s like Batman. She’s the hero we need even if she’s not the one we deserve. The mystic of the legend will ultimately decline once her name is revealed. That’s just how the internet works, so lets enjoy it while we can.

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