Rasheed Wallace Telling NBA Players To Drink More Beer Is A Plan I Can Get Behind

David Hookstead | Reporter

Detroit Pistons legend Rasheed Wallace once told a teammate to drink more beer to gain weight.

“I think Rasheed Wallace told me to drink beer once to gain weight,” former Detroit Pistons forward Amir Johnson told the media Monday, according to Derek Bodner.

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a plan for athletes to gain weight that I can get behind more. Incredible advice. Why bother lifting weights, eating certain foods or working out when you can just walk over to the fridge and crack a few cold ones?

I want a guy with Sheed’s mentality coaching up my guys. Hell, I might want that guy running my whole organization. On the court performances might differ, but there’s no doubt we’d have the most electric locker room atmosphere in the NBA.

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