The Minnesota Gophers Mascot Hammering A Little Kid Is An Outstanding Video

David Hookstead | Reporter

Minnesota’s mascot Goldy the Gopher had to teach a young football player that everything is earned on the field.

A Goldy and several other mascots were playing in a game against little kids Sunday, and he absolutely rocked a little kid.

He swept off the edge, broke down the sidelines, and steamrolled the tiny defender who attempted to make the tackle on his way to a touchdown.

I love this so much. The edge containment for the defense on that play was awful and inexcusable. If Goldy had pulled up, what message would he have been teaching the kids? He’d be teaching them that there aren’t consequences when you blow defensive assignments.

Now that young kid knows that you’ll get lit up when your team leaves you out to dry. It’s tough love on the gridiron, and I 100 percent agree with Goldy’s decision to lower the boom. The best lessons are often taught in the toughest of ways.

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