The NFL Once Fined A Player For Raising Awareness About Domestic Violence

David Hookstead | Reporter

The NFL once fined Pittsburgh Steelers player William Gay for wearing purple cleats to raise awareness about domestic violence.

Gay’s mother was killed in a domestic violence incident, but that didn’t stop the NFL from banning him from showing support for domestic violence awareness by wearing purple cleats.

CBS Sports reported:

And now cornerback William Gay, whose mother was killed in an act of domestic violence, has been fined for wearing purple cleats to support domestic violence awareness.

Gay supported domestic violence awareness with his cleats in order to honor his mother and others like her, and he got fined, too. You may have heard about the NFL having a hard time dealing with domestic violence issues of late. It’s been in the news a bit. Meanwhile, Greg Hardy is out there on the field for the Cowboys every Sunday after a mere four-game suspension for his “alleged” domestic violence incident, shoving coaches and ranting at teammates at his leisure.

They hypocrisy of the NFL is outrageous. They have no problem letting men who have allegedly beaten women on the field, but they stop a player whose mother was murdered from raising awareness with his shoes.

It really says all you need to know about the NFL when violent men can cash paychecks and the son of a woman killed because of domestic abuse can’t wear purple shoes. This is the problem so many people are starting to realize about the league. It’s run by hypocrites. People can go out there and trash the national anthem without any repercussions. However, try to raise some awareness about a great cause, and the NFL will shut it down so fast it’ll make your head spin.

I hope NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is very impressed with himself.

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