These NFL Players Would Never Kneel During The National Anthem [SLIDESHOW]

Hannah Simmons | Contributor

These NFL players are the ones that would never kneel for the national anthem. These players are either retired or still playing in the league and they will always respect our country by standing for the anthem.

Derek Wolfe, a defensive end for the Denver Broncos said, “I stand because I respect the men who have died in real battle so I have the freedom to battle on the field.”

Nate Boyer is a long snapper for the Seattle Seahawks and he has served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He doesn’t seem to be one to ever kneel for the anthem.

Burgess Owens, who played ten seasons in the NFL, said, “Let’s stop putting down the country and the culture that’s given us the opportunity to become millionaires, literally.”

These players who are kneeling have been given the opportunity to play this game and make millions every year. They are disrespecting our country and it needs to stop.


Hannah Simmons



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