Carson Wentz Said He’d Give The Eagles Kicker His Game Check If He Hit Game Winner

David Hookstead | Reporter

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz proved once again why he’s one of the coolest guys in the NFL.

The quarterback from North Dakota State University told his teammates he’d give kicker Jake Elliott his game check if the newly acquired kicker could hit the 61-yard game winning field goal.

“This guy’s a super hero if he makes this. I’ll freaking give him my pay check. I’ll give him my game check … I’ll give him my game check if he makes this,” Wentz told his teammates in a video released by the Eagles Tuesday afternoon.

Well, Elliott hit the field goal and won the game.

Wentz is on the hook for a little over $100,000 if he follows through and does hand over a game check. Once again, the Eagles quarterback is proving why he’s one of the coolest guys in sports. Most athletes are only focused on themselves, but Wentz is willing to hand $100,000 of his own money over to a teammate for winning the game. Class act all the way through.

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