Colin Kaepernick Should Just Get It Over With And Run For Office

Jena Greene | Reporter

Let’s just call a spade a spade here.

Colin Kaepernick’s little kneeling gig was a publicity stunt. It was a desperate attempt for a mediocre QB to try to stay relevant. And whether he expected it to work or not, it did. Check the last 48 hours of news. It’s caught on like wildfire. Wall to wall kneeling stuff.

Although Kaep’s original intention was probably to just get off the bench and start playing ball again, he’s caused a national debate. People are talking anthem, knocking heads and burning jerseys. All because Colin Kaepernick kneeled before a game.

Suddenly, people care about Colin Kaepernick’s whereabouts. It’s like a hunt for Big Foot or Hillary in the woods of Chappaqua in December 2016.

So leave it to TMZ to sniff this guy out and plaster him to a front page article, “COLIN KAEPERNICK Surfaces After NFL Protests, Smiling & Jacked.”

They found Kaepernick and peppered him with questions. What does he think about the President calling him an SOB? How does he feel about the now hundreds of players kneeling for the national anthem?

Kaepernick is being hailed as a sort of national hero on the left. He’s become the face of identity politics.

Hear me out on this.

In order to skyrocket to political fame in the Democrat party, one must follow a multi step program. I like to call it the John Kerry model, but plenty of other people have done it (most notably Hillary).

First, you’ve gotta do something noteworthy. John Kerry went to Yale. Hillary was the First Lady. Kaep was in the NFL. We’re off to a good start here.

Next, you have to trample on societal norms based on some sort of conventionally heroic event. Really mess with the American people’s psyche a little.

Kerry served in the Navy then allegedly threw away his medals. Hillary served as Secretary of State, and when Benghazi happened, she asked in a public hearing “what difference does it make” if it was a security oversight or not. Kaepernick kneeled for the National Anthem.

And now that the first two steps are out of the way, it’s time to lock it in. Step 3 is to run for office.

Think about it. Kerry did it and got pretty far. Same with Hillary. It may be a far stretch right now to think about Colin Kaepernick in a suit, but this is America. Anything can happen, and if the model is correct, this multi-step program as a method to get close to the White House is pretty foolproof. Kaepernick might just be the face of the 2020 Democratic Party. You heard it here first.

Just sit and ruminate on that one for a second. Or kneel. It’s your choice, America.

Jena Greene



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