Four Observations From Week Three Of The NFL Season

David Hookstead | Reporter

Week three of the NFL season is officially over, and that means it’s time to dive into the biggest takeaways.

Here are my four biggest observations from the latest week of college football.

1) The anthem protests are going to get worse with time.

The national anthem protests aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. It looked like the issue had died down significantly before President Trump’s comments in Alabama last Friday. Now every team in the league has players taking a knee. This is obviously bad news for the NFL’s brand and the enjoyment of fans. Unfortunately, we can probably strap in and expect the protests to be here for the rest of the season.

2) The NFL can’t ever allow a game to end on ten second runoff because of a booth review.

The Detroit Lions got screwed by the NFL rules Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons. I didn’t even know a game could end in a ten second runoff on a booth review, and apparently most people didn’t either. How can a team be punished because the booth called for the review? It makes absolutely no sense. Disgusting by the NFL.

3) The Dallas Cowboys will be just fine.

Everybody was worried about the Cowboys after their week two loss to the Denver Broncos, but people can clearly calm down. They had no trouble getting past the Arizona Cardinals, Dak Prescott played really well, Dez Bryant looks like he’s returning to form and Ezekiel Elliott looked like he wanted to be out the field again.

4) Kareem Hunt is a freak of nature.

The Chiefs third round draft pick looks like he’s a top three running back in the league right now. He has 401 yards and four touchdowns through three games, and defenses look baffled when attempting to stop his rushing attack. It’ll be a lot of fun to watch his season as it unfolds.

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