Lindsey Pelas Being On Team One-Piece Swimsuits Is Heartbreaking

David Hookstead | Reporter

Lindsey Pelas is apparently a fan of one-piece swimsuits in a shocking turn of events.

Pelas’ Instagram feed consists of mostly bikini shots, topless photos and then just regular life stuff. It’s pretty much the basic formula of every successful woman to ever have an Instagram account.

However, she posted a one-piece swimsuit photo Tuesday, and my heart is absolutely shattered. We all know my rules about one-piece swimsuits. They should pretty much be banned. We should all be living with the bikini or bust mindset.

Lady hips @jaredfuller @hardswimwear tan @organicshimmer glow @koparibeauty

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First, her swimsuit looks to be a couple sizes too small. I’m sure that’s not an accident, but it’s worth pointing out just in case some people didn’t notice.

Second, and much more important, how could Pelas possibly be a fan of one-piece swimsuits? It just doesn’t make sense. She made a name for herself thanks to bikinis, and now she’s going to switch teams? It just flat-out shouldn’t be allowed.

For the good of America we must round up these dumb swimsuits and burn them.

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A post shared by lindsey (@lindseypelas) on

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