Sports Illustrated Model Goes Topless — ‘Braves Freezing Cold Water’

David Hookstead | Contributor

Sports Illustrated model Lais Ribeiro should probably be told that going topless in freezing cold water is not the smartest thing to do if a person is hoping to stay healthy.

SI released a video of Ribeiro Tuesday titled, “Lais Ribeiro Braves Freezing Cold Water In Nothing But A Necklace.”

Again, I know a little bit about hypothermia, and it’s not a joking matter. What’s one way to get sick or get hypothermia? Strip nearly naked and hang out in freezing cold water. That’s day one stuff.

Then again, perhaps we can spin this as the ultimate form of selflessness and bravery. Riberio is willing to get in the cold water to entertain the fans.

If that’s not a hero, I don’t know what is.

A post shared by Lais Ribeiro (@laisribeiro) on

A post shared by Lais Ribeiro (@laisribeiro) on

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