The FBI Setting Up A Hotline For College Basketball Corruption Is Incredibly Stupid

David Hookstead | Contributor

The FBI setup a hotline to report corruption in college basketball, and it’s possibly one of the dumbest ideas in the history of sports.

The hotline came as a reaction to several college basketball coaches being arrested on fraud and corruption charges.

“NEW: FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office establishes special phone number for information RELEVANT to NCAA investigation, 212-384-2135,” NBC reporter Tom Winter tweeted Tuesday, which instantly gave fans everywhere access to the phone number.

I’m sure this won’t be abused at all because if there’s one thing we all know about college sports fans, it’s that they’re very rational and level-headed in regards to their teams.

They never make horrible choices, such as poisoning oak trees in Auburn. That would obviously never happen.

Okay, lets go back to reality. This is going to be abused at every turn. I’d be surprised if it’s not already being filled with ridiculous “tips” from rival fans around the country. I would never suggest or condone the idea of flooding this phone number with ridiculous false accusations, but it would make for some great content.

Just outstanding game planning from the FBI. Outstanding work from everybody involved.

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