An NFL Owner Ripping National Anthem Protesters Shook Twitter To The Core

David Hookstead | Reporter

An unnamed Green Bay Packers owner ripping players who protest the national anthem absolutely melted down Twitter.

The reactions to my piece were fierce and not well thought out. Some people questioned if buying Packers stock even makes you an owner. Apparently, Twitter users have lots of time to tweet, but not much time to learn logic.

Am I part owner of a case of beer if my friends and I pitch in together to buy a case? Of course I am. I might not be a majority owner, or even have a lot of say among minority owners. I’m still an owner. It’s amazing how this point flew right over the heads of so many.

Perhaps they’re upset they don’t have NFL owners just randomly calling them on a Monday.

It’s all in a day of work. Breaking the news, talking to NFL owners and upsetting people who lack basic comprehension skills.

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David Hookstead



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