Apparently The WNBA Finals Are Happening Right Now

David Hookstead | Contributor

The WNBA Finals have already had two games, and I had absolutely no clue.

I’m a huge basketball fan. I grew up on state championships, I worked on a college basketball coaching staff and I essentially live and breathe the sport. So, you can imagine my surprise this morning when I walked into the office, cracked open a Mountain Dew and looked up at the television to see WNBA Finals highlights.

Turns out the Minnesota Lynx and the Los Angeles Sparks are currently tied in a 1-1 series. Am I embarrassed I had no idea the WNBA championship was happening? No, because in the timeless words of Dwight Schrute, “NBA…WNBA? One is a sport. One is a joke. I love sports. I love jokes. Room for all.”

I’m still not convinced the women’s Team USA basketball team could beat a top 100 men’s high school team. I think there is a very good chance that game could end in a 50 point blowout.

Anyways, now you know about the WNBA Finals in case you’re bored, lost a bet or your wife won’t let you sleep in the bed at night unless you watch.

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David Hookstead



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