Emma Roberts Returned To ‘American Horror Story’ Just To Get Gutted Like A Fish

David Hookstead | Reporter

Emma Roberts’ return to the hit show “American Horror Story” only lasted a couple minutes before she had her guts slashed out in front of the entire audience.

Roberts made her AHS debut in season three — “AHS: Coven” — where she played a brattish witch with some serious attitude problems. She instantly became a fan favorite.

Well, I don’t think the fans were overly pleased with the fact she was only in season seven for all of a couple minutes. She played a newscaster, who was murdered shortly after being introduced to the audience.

This is a big of a strange move. Roberts is one of the biggest names ever associated with show, and I don’t see how you’re going to keep fans happy or engaged by bringing her back only to kill her.

Hopefully the writers have a couple twists coming our way with Roberts. Otherwise, her return was pretty much a massive waste and disappointment for a show that has been very solid this year.

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