Lauren Duca Is Happy To See White People Get Punished

Jena Greene | Reporter

Lauren Duca, Teen Vogue writer and queen of feigning emotional injury, has done it again.

Duca, who has previously joked about murdering men on the street out of micro-aggression, is happy to see Anthony Weiner go to jail because “he’s a white guy.”

Aren’t progressives fun? They’ll turn on each other as soon as someone goes to jail.

Thank goodness for Lauren Duca’s schizophrenic hallucinations thinly veiled as social commentary. What would we do without her bravery to stand up against Christians?

Nobody was worried about you making it hot, Lauren.

I am a little worried about her vaguely threatening to murder a man in plain daylight, however.

Lauren Duca’s idea of feminism is one that mutilates Evangelicals, kills innocent men out of what seems to be a personality disorder, and mourns Anthony Weiner’s jail time as a blow to progressivism.

I’m really hoping that when Weiner gets out of the clink, Duca can get over their collective whiteness and make a run for office together. Talk about a dream team.

Jena Greene



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