MUST WATCH: Michigan Senate Candidate Openly Brags About Killing Terrorists

David Hookstead | Contributor

Michigan Republican 2018 Senate candidate John James is firing straight when it comes to discussing his time in the United States military.

The West Point graduate released a Facebook video Wednesday, and it’s straight gold.

“I flew 750 hours of combat in Baghdad, and on exactly zero occasions did anybody ask me my age before I put a hellfire missile down a terrorist’s throat,” James stated into the camera with a slight smile on his face.


Everything about this video is absolutely incredible. Most politicians don’t want to be this blunt with people. They don’t want to talk about the dirty things, but not John James of Michigan.

That man will look directly into the camera and bluntly talk about putting, “a hellfire missile down a terrorist’s throat.”

It reminds of the time Jim Webb implied he killed a man in the Vietnam war during a CNN Democratic primary debate.

People are sick and tired of politicians not being straightforward. It’s one of the reasons Donald Trump is currently our president. Just straight up talking about killing terrorists is an incredible strategy, and one I can absolutely get behind.

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David Hookstead



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