Rick Pitino’s Future At Louisville Should Very Much Be In Doubt

David Hookstead | Contributor

Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino should be very concerned about his future with the program.

The Cardinals are being accused of funneling a recruit $100,000 in return for his commitment. This comes on the back of Louisville basketball players and recruits being provided strippers. Not the greatest look for Pitino.

In fact, this might be enough to end his coaching career.

I enjoy everything that surrounds Pitino and all the stories connected to him. I’m sure not all of them are true, but I’d like to believe most of them are.

However, that’s not the right way to run a college basketball program. You can’t routinely deny knowledge of everything going on and then expect to get away with it forever. I have no idea if the allegations are true or not. Pitino will be fired if they are, and he might be even if they can’t tie enough evidence to him directly.

It’s a wild time in college basketball right now. I can’t wait to see how this saga ends.

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David Hookstead



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