Russian Dude Goes Absolutely Berserk In Savage Elevator Fight

Liam Clancy | Reporter

The best fight videos come from two places: Russia and McDonald’s.

This one is from the land of vodka and caviar.

A video posted to Liveleak Wednesday shows a brutal, three-against-one elevator ‘fight.’


The video shows one man arguing with three others on an elevator. As the man goes to leave, he quickly turns around lands a brutal hit immediately knocking one of the other men out.

He then pounds the two other men into submission. They don’t even land a hit.

The video ends with our Russian slugger leaving his opponents in the dust as he walks away. But not before kicking one of his unlucky victims one last time. I’m sure he dropped some choice Russian curse words as well.

Now I’ve been to Russia and saw some pretty crazy stuff. Nothing like this though. This is the worst elevator beatdown since Ray Rice, but this guy actually picked on someone his own size.

Well, three of them.

Liam Clancy



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