Legendary Hockey Announcer Hammers Media On Kneeling Double Standard

David Hookstead | Contributor

Legendary hockey announcer Don Cherry made it clear he thinks there is a double standard in the media when it comes to kneeling.

Cherry used the media’s disdain of Tim Tebow as an example of a double standard.

He released a statement on Twitter Wednesday that read in part:

The left wing media are true to form. When Tim Tebow the former quarterback of the Denver Broncos went to his knees to thank the Lord, the lefties in the media said he was wrong and it was the wrong thing to do. The late night leftie talk shows made fun of Tim.

No other religion you can make fun of and ridicule…only Christianity. If you are Christian you are open.

Tebow used to kneel on the sidelines after big plays or to just pray during the course of the game. It’s not exactly the same as kneeling during the national anthem, but he certainly has a point to a degree about the media being very harsh on Tebow.

Meanwhile, the protesters have been praised across the media after over a hundred NFL players refused to stand for the anthem last week.

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