Pamela Anderson Reacts To Hugh Hefner’s Death With Video From Bed

Ford Springer | Contributor

Pamela Anderson reacted to Hugh Hefner’s death as any former Playmate would with a video of herself wearing lingerie in bed.

While that might sound like a good idea coming from Anderson, it’s much more upsetting than anything else. The former model decided to candidly capture her emotions in the short video clip in which she’s seen crying with makeup running down her face.

“Goodbye Hef,” she can be heard saying through her sniffling and tears.

Anderson also attached a poem titled “Goodbye Hef” to the video that she posted on her Instagram page.

“Mr Hefner / I have so many thoughts… You had a piece of paper in your pocket you showed me – / with my name Pamela with a heart / around it,” the Baywatch actress wrote.

“… Now, / I’m falling apart. / This feeling is so crazy…” Anderson continued

“I can hear you say – / Be brave. / There are no rules. / Live your life… Goodbye Hef … Your Pamela,” the actress concluded.

Ford Springer



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