Rick Pitino Was The Villain College Basketball Needed

David Hookstead | Reporter

Rick Pitino will almost never coach college basketball again, and that’s a shame.

The University of Louisville suspended Pitino because they are required to wait ten days to fire him, but his own lawyer admits that it’s over for the legendary coach.

Pitino is a legend, and made college basketball way more entertaining. I don’t care if it was for all the wrong reasons. He made the news cycle spin, and as a media man myself, I have no choice but to respect his influence.

The stories are legendary. He got one of his assistant’s fiancee pregnant, openly admitted in court the sexual encounter lasted no more than 15 seconds, and then paid for her abortion.

That situation alone might be enough to end a coach’s career, but it hardly even slowed down the infamous coach.

Louisville basketball players and recruits were also provided strippers for wild parties. He breezed through that scandal without any problem. He was Teflon Rick.

It’s sad this ride has officially come to an end, and all because a recruit was allegedly paid $100,000. What a lame way for Pitino’s career to come crash down. I definitely would have bet on an orgy sex tape before I ever bet on it ending this way.

I’ll miss Rick, and I think most of college basketball fans will too. We always need a great villain and we just lost ours.

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