The World Lost A Legend In Hugh Hefner

David Hookstead | Contributor

Hugh Hefner finally called it a night, and decided it was time to go home at the age of 91.

There world lost a legend with the death of Hefner, and it’s that simple. Our society tells people how they should live, act, how they should talk and what they should and shouldn’t do. Hefner proudly gave a middle finger to the idea he was going to do anything other than what he wanted.

I’m not saying you have to like the content he produced, but only the ignorant would deny how he changed the media landscape forever.

The man loved partying and naked women. He managed to combine the two things into a billion dollar brand, and didn’t spend any time thinking if he should change because people didn’t like him.

Hefner made a lot of people very wealthy, helped catapult careers and helped chip away at the taboo of sex in the the public discourse.

So, I’ll be pouring out a couple for Hefner. Not because I agree with everything he did, but his spirit is dying out in America. As Hugh would say, “Life is too short to be living somebody else’s dream.”

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David Hookstead



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