Hugh Hefner Didn’t Leave His Wife A Penny Of His Fortune

David Hookstead | Reporter

Deceased Playboy founder Hugh Hefner didn’t leave any part of his fortune for wife Crystal Harris.

Us Weekly broke the news after Hefner’s death, and it looks like the prenuptial agreement between the two will result in her getting hosed.

They reported in part:

Harris, December 2009’s Playmate of the Month, has not been added to the editor’s pre-existing will. Hefner’s estimated $43 million fortune is promised to “his children, the University of Southern California film school and a variety of charities,” the source says.

This is such a wild move from Hefner. I understand that his wife is much younger than he was, but it’s still a shade cold-hearted to leave your wife with absolutely nothing. The Playboy kingpin couldn’t at least break her off a million?

I just can’t make up my mind whether or not I think what he did was okay. Granted, they were only married for a few years before his death. I guess at the end of the day Harris knew what she was getting herself into when she signed the prenup.

Still a bit cold to not cut her off a piece at all.

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