Lane Kiffin Just Can’t Stop Talking About Nick Saban

David Hookstead | Contributor

It looks like Lane Kiffin still spends time thinking about his former boss and Alabama football coach Nick Saban.

The current FAU coach recently hopped on ESPNU radio to tell the audience how he’s trying to win a cutout of himself so he can use it to troll Saban.

“I’m trying to win it, and then I’m going to sign it and then I’m going to mail it to coach Saban so he can put it in his office…He can have a memory every day.” Kiffin explained.

Kiffin coached for two seasons with Saban for the Crimson Tide. They won a championship together, but the infamous former USC coach cut and run for FAU prior to Alabama’s loss to Clemson in the title game.

It’s great to see he hasn’t let anything go because there’s nothing more entertaining in college football than a bitter Lane Kiffin who is lashing out.

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