One Vegas Concert Attendee Showed No Fear As Bullets Rained Down

David Hookstead | Reporter

One unidentified concert attendee Sunday night did not appear the least bit fazed as bullets showered down upon the crowd.

A video is circulating around Twitter of a man standing up with his arms out as he stares in the general direction direction of the shooting during the Las Vegas strip massacre.

The people around him are diving for cover, but he doesn’t really seem to care that he could be cut down at any moment.

At one point he appears to yell something that sounds like, “F*ck off!”

I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to be in the middle of a massive attack as police respond with gunfire.

Running or trying to find cover is obviously the smart idea, but this guy just doesn’t seem to be overly worried. Instead he makes himself the biggest possible targets, essentially taunting the shooter.

Balls of absolute steel.

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