There Is An Entire Movement Dedicated To Bringing Back One-Piece Swimsuits

David Hookstead | Reporter

It looks like my efforts to end the trend of one-piece swimsuits has another major hurdle to get over.

The “#OnePieceRevival” trend is currently sweeping across the Instagram. It’s a trend all red-blooded Americans shouldn’t tolerate or support.

Women are opting for one-piece swimsuits instead of bikinis on Instagram, and captioning the photos, “#OnePieceRevival.”

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This is just flat out unacceptable. We just can’t tolerate it. This is America, and in this great country hot women have the freedom to wear bikinis. That’s what separates the civilized from the uncivilized.

It’s the contrast between countries that win Super Bowls and those that don’t. For everything that is good and pure is this world, please make this madness end.

America deserves better.

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