Auburn Football Fans Are Apparently Very Dumb

David Hookstead | Contributor

Auburn football fans apparently have no problem displaying their stupidity out in the open.

Popular Instagram page Top Tier posted a photo of an Auburn banner taunting Ole Miss that reads, “We Pay Players Not Prostitutes WDE.”

Respect the hustle

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Auburn fans have to be smart enough to know that in the eyes of the NCAA paying players is way worse than messing around with hookers, right? I mean, it’s not even close.

Programs get shutdown for paying players. Just ask any SMU fan if paying players is worse than hookers. The only thing the NCAA might find worse than paying players is murder, and that’s just about it.

Rick Pitino is one of the greatest coaches in the history of college basketball, and he’s out of a job now because payments were allegedly made to one of his recruits. This banner is one of the dumbest I’ve ever seen, and it really has me questioning the intelligence of the people who cheer for Auburn.

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