FLASHBACK: Donald Trump Dropped Bombs In His Comedy Central Roast

David Hookstead | Contributor

A video is circulating around the web from Donald Trump’s 2011 roast, and it’s incredible.

Six years before he was President, the real estate mogul was the star of a Comedy Central roast. It’s arguably the biggest name the comedy network ever got for a roast, and it didn’t disappoint.

The exact video circulating the web is of Trump bragging about how much money he has in the bank. Which is just about the least surprising thing for the President to be bragging about.

“What’s the difference between a wet raccoon and Donald J. Trump’s hair? A wet raccoon doesn’t have seven billion f*cking dollars in the bank,” he told the audience with glee.

Love him or hate him. This is hilarious #MAGA

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Classic Trump statement. The fact this guy is now leading America is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. This country is an incredible place.

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