Army Ranger Mat Best Discuss Life As A Social Media Star

David Hookstead | Reporter

Mat Best joined myself on “Shooting From the Hip with David Hookstead” to discuss several topics, including life as a social media star.


It’s not to constantly be laughing while watching his productions, and he was very open about the process behind the comedy.

Best talked about being a star on social media, and his videos are awesome.

About that pew pew pew life!

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Mat is one of the coolest guys I’ve ever talked to during the process of doing interviews. Just a straight to the point guy, and he holds nothing back.

As he mentioned, the former Army Ranger owns part of Black Rifle Coffee, and he founded Article 15 clothing. Both are awesome sites to check out if you love America, support the troops or are just into really badass things.

His YouTube page is also awesome, and drenched in freedom.

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