Cam Newton’s Comments To A Female Reporter Weren’t Sexist At All

David Hookstead | Reporter

The internet is erupting with fire after comments Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton made during a Wednesday press conference.

“It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes, like … it’s funny,” Newton responded when asked by a female reporter about the physicality Devin Funchess experiences during his routes.

The reactions came quick and they weren’t good.

How is what he said sexist at all? The guy has to listen to his alpha-male coaches talk about routes, breaks, anticipation, reads and leading the receiver every single day of the season. And remember, it’s not a conversation during practice. It’s usually the coaches yelling all over the field.

He then gets asked a very reasonable question by somebody he’s not used to discussing the topic with. Of course he finds it humorous. It’s not because he’s sexist. It’s because he’s not used to hearing it.

It’d be similar to if one day my mother came home and started talking about duck blinds and deer stands. Her comments might be legit, but I’d still chuckle a little bit because I wouldn’t be used to her discussing the topic.

Welcome to 2017, where a quarterback in the NFL smiles at a question and gets accused of being sexist.

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