Dude Chugs A Beer Through A Dead Deer [VIDEO]

Liam Clancy | Reporter

I support hunting, but this might be taking things a bit too far.

A video posted to LiveLeak Wednesday shows a drunk man chugging a beer poured through a deer’s dead body.

Yes, it’s as gross and strangely enthralling as it sounds.


Now I respect the gator luge and the shark luge, where young college age males test their masculinity through what living predators they can chug from the mouth of, but the beer is coming out of that deer colored red.

Which means it’s mixing with entrails and blood and God knows what other deer fluids.

Here’s a list of diseases humans can get from deer. I’m gonna say “Deer Parapoxvirus” does not sound very pleasant. Actually I don’t think any deer diseases are going to be very pleasant.

In any case, I hope this dude was a fraternity pledge doing this against his will or at least got $50 bucks out of it.

Liam Clancy



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