Hollywood Actress Who Stars In Violent Movies Is Now Lecturing About Guns

David Hookstead | Contributor

Jessica Chastain has made lots of money off of violent movies, but now wants people to know America’s gun laws are bad.


Chastain tweeted late Tuesday night, “Welcome to America, where you’ll wait 6 months for an X-ray but hey, you can buy an AR-15 in 5 minutes flat. – @MissSloaneMovie.”

The line is a quote from her failed pro-gun control movie Miss Sloane, and it’s also just a straight lie. It didn’t take five minutes last time I bought an AR-15. It took seven.

Now, lets take a little of time to take a look at Chastain’s movie lineup. She obviously would never star in a movie that promotes violence. That’s just common sense.

Oh wait, what have I found here?

Welcome to America, where I have to wait seven minutes to buy an AR-15, but you can purchase a ticket to a violent Jessica Chastain movie with the touch of a button.

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