Katie Nolan Is Headed To ESPN – Here’s A Reminder That She’s A Smoke Show

David Hookstead | Contributor

Sports pundit Katie Nolan has officially left Fox Sports, and is headed over to ESPN.

That’s good and all. She’s an impressive talent, has a large audience and she is quickly climbing the rankings of the sports world.

However, we’d be foolish not to point out the fact that she’s also a certified smoke show. Sometimes people forget about who is dominating the social media game, but we certainly haven’t forgotten about Nolan.

A post shared by Katie Nolan (@natiekolan) on

I mean.. I wouldn’t mess with us

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In my camouflage for the #SportsEmmys hopefully no one notices I don’t even go here

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And most importantly here folks, Katie Nolan drinks Miller Lite.

#behindthescenes at that Boston Globe photo shoot

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Case closed.

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