OJ Simpson Spotted Golfing In Vegas After His Release

Jena Greene | Reporter

As if Las Vegas hasn’t been through enough this week, O.J. Simpson was spotted in the city celebrating his newly regained freedom.

The ex-con and former football star is reportedly staying at a massive compound about 20 minutes from the Strip.

The 5,000 square foot home is in a gated golf course community and reportedly belongs to a longtime friend who defended OJ during his robbery trial, according to the TMZ report.

OJ probably won’t need to rob anything anytime soon though. The house has 5 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, a soaking pool, and its own putting green. OJ’s daughter Arnelle is reportedly staying with him in the Vegas home.

No word yet on whether he’ll commence the search for his late wife’s murderer before or after he sharpens his golf skills.

When asked by paparazzi how it felt to be free, OJ responded, “I’m in the car for that last five hours so how would I know how it feels to be out..I’ve been in nowhere, USA, for the last nine years doing nothing. Nothing has changed in my life. I mean, what do you expect? Please, can I have a break here?”

I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t give OJ a break. It’s not like he’s gotten one before.

Simpson has previously expressed a desire to move to Florida when Nevada allows him to move beyond state lines.

Jena Greene



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