Sex Tape Star Kim Kardashian Has Some Hot Takes About Guns

David Hookstead | Contributor

Kim Kardashian thinks she’s knows how to fix America’s gun problem.

Kardashian, who had sex on camera with a rapper, posted on Twitter about how guns are more advanced these days, and thus, must be more regulated.

The fun doesn’t stop there. She even made the assertion that “Today’s rifles have a cycle rate” of 600 bullets per minute, which of course, is a complete lie when it comes to the vast majority of rifles in existence.

I have no idea why Kardashian thinks she’s qualified to speak on guns. Most of her tweets are about fashion, lifestyle stuff and absolutely nothing that would convince somebody she’s an authority on how to regulate weapons or the Second Amendment.

Kim Kardashian is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Nonstop hot takes filled with zero thought or common sense.

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David Hookstead



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