Lee High School Renaming Forum Proves The Democratic Process Is Alive And Well

Jena Greene | Reporter

Earlier in August, Lee High School in Texas voted unanimously to change its name for fear that it harkens back to the Civil War era.

And – big news – submissions are now open to the public to help the school decide what they want to rename it.

The outpouring of ideas has made the forum a resounding success. There have been literally thousands of submissions and, in the true spirit of political correctness, every single suggestion has to be entertained. Not one can be ignored, and they’re all public.

Well, I’ve combed through all 30 pages (worth it) and I can confirm that the democratic process is indeed alive and well. Below are some notable names that I highly suggest considering.

1 – Heinrich Heimlich High School

2 – School For Cowardly, Panty Wetting, Liberal PC Fairies

3 – Snowflake High School 

4 – Jar Jar Binks High School 

5 – Stonewall Jackson High

6 – Crybaby High

7 – History Killer High School 

8 – JJ Watt High School 

9 – School For Children Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Things Good Too

10 – Gutless Chickensh** Administrators Who Are Terrified To Act Like Adults And Fall Apart Like A Wal-Mart T-shirt When It Comes To Showing Any Kind Of Backbone Or Leadership

11 – We Built Dey Pyramids

12 – John Cena School Of Hustle, Loyalty And Respect

13 – L.E.E. (Legacy of Excellence in Education)

14 – This Is Why Trump Won High School 

15 – Harambe Memorial High

16 – Al Sharpton School Of Great Deception

17 – River City High (Not Sure The Direction The School Is Going In Terms Of Specialities)

18 – Bruce Lee High School

19 – General*** Lee High School 

20 – Vape City High School

It should be noted that several names received multiple entires. These names were:

1 – Schooly McSchoolface

2 – Gregg Popovich High School 

3 – “No Change”

4 – Harambe High School

5 – Remember The Alamo High School 

Never change, Texas. Never change.

Jena Greene



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