Mike Leach Taking Shots At Oregon’s Stadium Is Hilarious

David Hookstead | Reporter

Washington State coach Mike Leach continued to prove why he’s a national treasure during a recent press conference.

Leach was asked about stadiums that are louder than Oregon’s and he didn’t even hesitate before rattling off an entire list.

“Oklahoma’s louder, A&M’s louder, Texas is on the bubble, Nebraska was definitely louder. I never went to Alabama. We beat Alabama but it was at Kentucky. LSU is louder, Mississippi State is comparable, Georgia is louder, Florida is louder, definitely that one end zone at South Carolina is louder, Tennessee is louder. Little Rock, Arkansas is the loudest place I ever played,” Leach told the press.

The Ducks pride themselves on having one of the loudest football stadiums in all of football. Instead of respecting that idea, Leach just comes in and drags their guts out all over the stage.

Rattles off louder stadiums like it’s nothing. A dome shot to the ego of Ducks fans everywhere. I wouldn’t bet against WSU when these teams meet Saturday.

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David Hookstead



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