You Can Bet On Who Will Replace Butch Jones (Who Hasn’t Been Fired)

David Hookstead | Reporter

People can now bet on who will replace Tennessee Volunteers coach Butch Jones.

Jones hasn’t been fired, but he has continued to spiral down into an awful disaster of a coach. Recently released odds show former Oregon coach Chip Kelly is the favorite to replace him, followed by Peyton Manning and former Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin.

It must be so emasculating to have odds released on who will replace you, and you haven’t even been fired yet. I can’t imagine how embarrassing Butch Jones’ life is right now. It must be awful.

I also think Chip Kelly will probably end up being the next Volunteers coach, but make no mistake, this job will go to Peyton Manning if he wants it. The man is a legend in the state, and is the greatest player in program history. However, who knows if he even wants to get back into football.

Finally, there is zero chance Lane Kiffin is going back to Tennessee. No chance at all.

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David Hookstead



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