Buckle Up! Gender Neutral Emojis Are Here

Jena Greene | Contributor

Are you guys (or girls…or whatever) ready to rumble?

Because Apple is about to release a new set of emojis and boy, is it huge.

The packet will include hotly anticipated things like mermaids, vampires, broccoli, and porcupines.

And gender neutral people.

That’s right. It’s 2017 and not even your emoji has to have a gender anymore. Isn’t that great?

Of course, since emojis are tiny yellow stickers that aren’t really people at all and just live inside your phone to help you send flirty text messages, I didn’t think they could even have genders.

But look around you! Down is up and up is down! People in California can now literally get jailed for using incorrect gender pronouns. People are bickering over the NFL, half the country is still crying over Hillary, and Hollywood – of all places – wants to cut back on guns.

What’s a little gender debate to add to the mix on this fine Friday?

Apple has previously pushed politics into its products by eliminating the gun emoji and changing it to a green water gun. They also includes same sex couples and families.

Now it looks like we’re going to have to gear up for a conversation on gender norms and the fluid identity of emojis. I hope all parents of young children are ready for this.

Jena Greene



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