Company Behind Feminist Statue In Trouble For Alleged Gender Discrimination

Jena Greene | Reporter

The company behind the “Fearless Girl” statue on Wall Street is in hot water, after reports of underpaying female workers surfaced this week.

State Street Corp., a financial company based in Boston, put the statue up this year to promote gender equality. State Street was accused of paying its white male workers more than others, and have been agreed to pay over $5 million to black and female employees in a settlement.

The allegations began in 2010, when it was discovered that at least 300 women and 15 African Americans were affected by the pay discrimination.

A spokesperson for the company released a statement denying the allegations but nonetheless agreeing to settle, according the New York Post report. The statement reads:

State Street is committed to equal pay practices and evaluates on an ongoing basis our internal processes to be sure our compensation, hiring and promotions programs are nondiscriminatory…While we disagreed with the OFCCP’s analysis and findings, we have cooperated fully with them, and made a decision to bring this six-year-old matter to resolution and move forward.

This isn’t the first controversy State Street has met surrounding the statue. When “Fearless Girl” was first erected, many people criticized State Street for making the original Wall Street Charging Bull statue look sinister and aggressive. Charging Bull is intended to represent growth and capitalism, not male aggression.

The lawyer for Charging Bull’s sculptor wants “Fearless Girl” taken down, saying “The placement of the statue of the young girl in opposition to ‘Charging Bull’ has undermined the integrity [of] and modified the ‘Charging Bull,’ … The ‘Charging Bull’ no longer carries a positive, optimistic message. Rather it has been transformed into a negative force and a threat.”

Jena Greene



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