Man Gets In Physical Altercation With His Girlfriend, Protects His Beer At All Costs

David Hookstead | Reporter

A man and his girlfriend got into a pretty brutal altercation at a Texas bar, and the man did whatever it took to protect his beer.

Local ABC affiliate KTRK brought the details with the following report:

Eyewitness News has learned more about a viral video taken inside a Baytown restaurant.

Baytown police officers said the people in the video are a couple. They identified them as Garett Wilder, 26, and his girlfriend, Brittany Farber, 24. They charged them both with misdemeanors for public intoxication.

Wilder talked to ABC13 about the incident after we tracked him down. He admitted alcohol played a factor. He expressed remorse about the altercation.

The video is incredible. Farber comes in with her arms flailing around, Wilder drops her and proceeds to only lose a drop of beer.


Obviously hitting a woman isn’t acceptable, but it’s also incredible he didn’t drop that beer. He must have seen her coming in from a distance, and made the immediate decision to do whatever it took to protect that drink.

Also, how are they only being charged with public intoxication? The dude rocked her after she started swinging in him, and it’s only public intoxication? Seems like the DA might have gotten a bit soft.

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