National Plus Size Appreciation Day Is A Great Reminder Fat Models Gotta Go

David Hookstead | Contributor

Today is national plus size appreciation day, and it’s a great time to remind people that the garbage of plus size models in swimsuits must end.

Let me be crystal clear. I love all women, and plus size women are incredible. They make the best food and I’m kind of fat myself, which makes me uniquely qualified to speak on this subject. This is not about plus sized women in general. We all know they’re the best, and weight has nothing to do with the moral quality of a person.

However, this very much applies to certain publications that continue to shove fat models in swimsuits down our throats like we’re supposed to like it.

Fact check: men don’t.

I’m happy that these women love prancing around in swimsuits. They have every right to be doing that, but the people making these decisions are miles off of the base if they believe this is what most men want.

Our girl @tabriamajors is one curvalicious babe! #SISwimSearch #SISwim @swimmiami

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Why are we embracing this madness and normalizing plus size models in tight and tiny swimsuits? It’s not a good idea.

As they say, dance with who brought you, and hot women in tiny bikinis is the right kind of dance.

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