Olivia Munn Being Pro-Dog Is Proof Everybody Should Be On The Bandwagon

David Hookstead | Reporter

Olivia Munn is apparently a big fan of dogs, which is further proof that everybody should be a fan.

My conversion from being anti-Munn to now driving the Olivia Munn bandwagon is well-documented. I have admitted that I was completely wrong to dislike her while she dated Aaron Rodgers. Clearly she wasn’t the problem.

The fact she loves dogs further vindicates my decision.

She posted a photo on Instagram of herself with two dogs and a big smile on her face.

How can anybody not be a fan of somebody who loves dogs? It’s not humanly possible. I have a feeling Munn might be on her way to the top of Hollywood and winning an Academy Award. It feels good to be part of the team.

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David Hookstead



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