Gambling Picks Bounce Back Big Time — You’re Welcome Everybody

David Hookstead | Contributor

My college football gambling picks bounced back in a big way this weekend.

We had been sitting at 11-14, but now we’re sitting at 15-15 after my picks went an impressive 4-1.

For those of you who forgot, here were my picks:

Penn State (-14.5) vs. Northwestern: WIN

Miami (-3) vs. Florida State: WIN

Notre Dame (-14) vs. North Carolina: WIN

Florida (-3.5) vs. LSU: LOSS

Alabama vs. Texas A&M (+26.5): WIN

I told everybody to stay the course with me when we had a slump a couple weeks back. People wanted to panic, I told them to calm down and wait it out.

Well, here we are. My picks went an outstanding 4-1, and where is the thanks? My inbox and Twitter feed blows up after a 1-4 week, and it’s silence after I make you all a little bit richer.

Does it bother me? It does not because champions get up in the morning, get their work done and don’t need to be told how amazing they are. Have fun spending all the money I made you. We’re on a great run, and it’s not ending anytime soon.

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