Celebrate Bella Hadid’s 21st Birthday With These Topless Shots [SLIDESHOW]

Ford Springer | Reporter

It’s hard to believe, but Bella Hadid just turned 21 years old.

The stunning supermodel has been in the public spotlight for years and although she looks a lot older than she is, the fashion icon is just now turning 21.

Hadid has blown up in the modeling industry over the past year and is now recognized as a worldwide star, much like her older sister Gigi. The younger Hadid has walked the runway for some of the top brands in the world, recently headlining shows in Paris and New York. While Hadid impresses many on the runway, she also does it on social media and has acquired a massive following as a result. The beautiful brunette has a whopping 15 million followers and counting on Instagram.

Bella usually keeps it pretty clean on the social media site, but we decided to celebrate her birthday with some of her more scandalous shots. Here are just 18 times Bella went topless on Instagram.


Ford Springer



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