FLASHBACK: Harvey Weinstein Didn’t Like ‘Entourage’ Mocking Him

David Hookstead | Reporter

Disgraced Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein is being dragged through the media cycle after his horrendous sexual harassment towards women was revealed.

The Hollywood Reporter a few years back ran a story about how Weinstein was livid at the show “Entourage” mocking him.

They reported the following:

It seems Harvey Weinstein doesn’t believe imitation was the sincerest form of flattery. After a foul-mouthed producer named Harvey Weingard appeared in season two, Connolly says he got an earful from the famously abrasive producer. “I’m at a party. Harvey Weinstein just came over and told me to tell my producers they’re dead. ‘Tell them if they ever mention my name again, they’re dead.’” Those lines made their way into an episode during a later season. Ellin said Weinstein called after the episode and said he enjoyed it.

You’ve got to love Weinstein threatening the producers, and the “Entourage” team responding by making him look even worse in the show. Every fan of the famous show knows that the character modeled off of Weinstein is arguably the worst person on the show, and the guys just loved screwing around with him in the script.

I’m glad that Weinstein didn’t take too much pleasure in getting mocked. The dirtbag certainly didn’t expect anything better.

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